About Us

International Photo Media (IPM) is a media company registered and based in the UK with branches in Italy, Palestine and Turkey. IPM provides images, reports and film documentaries for many important TV channels, websites, magazines and newspapers around the world. Its editorial team is made up of members from different countries.

It specialises in journalistic pictures, films and special reports.  It runs training courses for journalists and photojournalists on how to report in areas of conflict in difficult circumstances and on how to produce film documentaries.

Images Live is part of the IPM company. Images Live is a unique agency established in 2000 by the journalist and producer Medyan Dairieh. It was the first agency in the world to cover the most dangerous and complex conflict-torn areas in the world.

Since its establishment, the agency has relied on providing exclusive images and videos from war-torn areas under siege and natural disaster areas. It was able to access the strongholds of the revolutionary organisations during violent and extremely dangerous circumstances.

Images Live is owned by IPM and were both established with financial capital originating from their own work and profit. The companies never depended from the start on bank loans, or on the support of other companies. Whenever there was the possibility to cooperate with other journalistic organisations, it was paramount that this cooperation would not affect the news agency’s independence and impartiality.

The unique and exclusive photos and videos produced by Images Live have made headlines worldwide and have been published on the front page of many newspapers and magazines in different parts of the world. They have also been used for book covers and as images inside books. More recently, Images Live’s images of members of the Islamic State in Al-Raqqa and in Iraq, as well as photos of the Al-Nusra Front in Syria were published worldwide. Major TV channels have broadcast many of Images Live’s news reports and film documentaries.

Images Live has won a number of important worldwide prizes for its exclusive photos and film documentaries. The most prestigious and recent award was the Peabody Award.

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