Editorial Guidelines

International Photo Media (IPM) and Images Live is a worldwide independent agency for journalistic images, news, film documentaries. The agency’s importance is due to its neutral stance, since it is not attached to any specific group, or party. It is based in the UK and relies on exclusive photos from the heart of the most significant events worldwide.

IPM and Images Live rely on a totally neutral and impartial stance to inform. IMP and Images Live strive to be present in situations without supporting or favouring any of the parties involved in the conflict, thus making its utmost effort to provide images and footage from all sides of the conflict.

IPM and Images Live do not make use of any expressions to portray a special view. Therefore they do not employ words such as ‘terrorists’, ‘extremists’, ‘criminals’, ‘heroes’, ‘martyrs’, ‘brave ones’, in order not to be judgmental but rely only on a neutral written language.

The company delivers images, videos, news reports and film documentaries according to international legal norms and adhering to high professional standards. In its work, it upholds human rights principles, freedom of the press, freedom of opinion. It makes clear its independent procedure of decision making in the publishing of information and does not take sides with any party when portraying conflict.

IPM and Images Live publish and distribute images, news, videos and documentaries in order to provide an objective picture of what is happening in the world. By publishing the images, videos, etc. they do not aim to cause incitement towards discrimination, racism and hatred, or to spread inflammatory propaganda. At the same time they do not aim to incite violence, cause fear, or trauma. They always take care to make sure that the material published follows the principles of equality and justice; that the dignity of the persons portrayed is respected; that there is no discrimination or encouragement of racism.

IPM and Images Live adhere to the capturing of images from the heart of the event, from war-torn areas and areas subjected to natural disasters with professionalism and speed. They strive to provide true evidence in the specification and explanation of the images and work in general.

The agency will not, in any circumstances, spread photos of executions, killing and retribution of war prisoners. Nor will it show the face of war prisoners, even when the war prisoners themselves request this.

IPM and Images Live may publish images which may be alarming, frightening and bloody from wars, areas of conflicts and of natural disasters. The aim is to show reality and not to traumatise or frighten viewers.

The distribution of images by the agency to press agencies, newspapers, magazines, and internet websites, means that Images Live is not responsible for changes to the specification of the images after they are re-published by the above media agencies, newspapers, magazines, internet websites, or other publishing sources.

The agency adheres to provide images of excellent quality, with the correct information, the true date and place and to provide true evidence for the material provided.