International Photo Media pursues the best practice in photojournalism. The media agency works at the promotion of all the aims and methods which allow the creation and advancement of a true media awareness. This will in turn highlight the fundamental role of the media as well as help the younger generation to engage seriously in the media world in a professional and committed manner.

It will also encourage the younger generation to work on the ground and to aspire to and achieve the highest standard of work in photography and media editing, in order to produce journalistic and media work based on professionalism, integrity and impartiality, courage and independence.

International Photo Media aims at creating media professionals, who are impartial: a new younger generation ready to operate in the field and in troubled areas.

The goal is to contribute to a world of international media in an honest and objective way. The media agency wants to convey news from the world in a safe, transparent, truthful, objective and impartial way.

The agency strives to reach everywhere, whenever possible, in order to show what takes place world-wide and share it through the publishing of images about current situations and their developments.