Training & Courses

International Photo Media provides professional courses to photographers, directors and producers in press institutions and mass media outlets. We also provides practical workshops about the press, the media, photography, TV producing, which are run by highly competent and skilled staff.

War Reporters

International Photo Media has build its experience through war reporting. It provides training to war reporters, journalists, photographers and aid workers from international humanitarian organisations working in areas of conflict and natural disasters.

War reporter Medyan Dairieh runs training courses for the safety and security of journalists in every part of the world as well as setting up courses with aspiring journalists from every part of the world.


International Photo Media organises well-structured courses in photojournalism and sport photography. It endeavours to raise and develop the photographic skills of the trainees through the organised courses. It also encourages the trainees to work on the field and battleground.


International Photo Media makes use of his studio for the training in the lighting and indoor photographing. It also uses modern technology and advanced teaching techniques in the studio photography and lighting.

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