War Reporters Training

Training specifications

Medyan Dairieh does not carry out the training in order for trainees to necessarily go and work in conflict areas, but rather in case they found themselves in difficult circumstances. The training has been carried out in different countries and universities by Medyan Dairieh.

The training includes:

  • How to be a war correspondent.
  • Travelling in the war zones.
  • How to live, and how to work in the war zones.
  • How to prepare news reports and how to film in the war zones.
  • Security and personal safety in the war zones.
  • How to deal with ambushes.
  • Coping during the military operation.
  • Dealing with warplanes shelling.
  • Dealing with tanks attacks.
  • The necessary procedures to cope during rockets, missiles and bombs attacks.
  • Coping with open fire attacks.
  • How to deal with snipers.
  • How to deal with mines and improvised explosive devices.
  • How to deal with car bombs.
  • How to deal with assassination attempts.
  • How to find explosive devices and how to deal with them.
  • How to deal with kidnapping.
  • How to deal with the strategic weapons used in battles.
  • How to deal with chemical attacks.
  • How to you carry out secret filming.