Women from Syria: an Unfinished Story


Film by Osama Jumaa

As the war got underway in Syria following the Arab Spring uprising in the country, journalist Osama Jumaa documented the tragic reality on the ground and the brutality of the conflict, while also filming stories of resilience and hope amid the …

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The Facts And Secrets Of The Battle For Raqqa


All the information in this report was provided by one of the Islamic State leaders, Abu Musab Al-Ansari, in an interview with journalist and film-maker Medyan Dairieh. The interview was carried out through voice and text messages in very difficult and complex circumstances.

As Abu …

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Syria: Years Of Devastating War (Trailer)

“Syria: Years Of Devastating War” is a documentary film reporting the situation in Syria from the beginning of the uprising in 2011. IMAGESLIVE has been on the ground during the entire conflict. Journalist and film-maker Medyan Dairieh has captured the events from the beginning of …

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