Cholera outbreak in Yemen

Taiz, Yemen. 26 September 2017.People in Taiz are being treated for cholera at the Republican hospital in the city. Many hospitals and clinics have been destroyed or shuttered in Taiz and Yemen; those that stay open are overcrowded and are forced to work without even the most basic medicines and treatment options. Yemen is facing the largest outbreak of cholera in the world, with nearly 2,000 people losing their life from the waterborne disease and nearly half a million suspected cases since April this year according to the World Health Organisation. The war taking place in the country since March 2015 has caused the destruction of the country’s infrastructure, the deterioration of hygiene and sanitation conditions, the lack of waste collection in major cities, as well as a deep humanitarian crisis, with millions of people being affected by famine and malnutrition and being cut off from clean water. All these factors have created an environment where cholera can easily thrive and the highly contagious bacterial infection can kill within hours if left untreated.

Photographer: Abdulnasser Alseddik/IMAGESLIVE